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Puppies Born October 26th 2017

Caldewriver Despicable Me x Irish Champion Kan Trace Back To Afterglow

Dante & Ebie

Puppies at 2 week old can be seen by clicking here

Puppies at 3 weeks old can be seen by clicking here


Puppies at 4 weeks old can be seen by clicking here
Puppies at 5 weeks old can be seen by clicking here
Puppies at 6 weeks old can be seen by clicking here
Puppies at 6.5 weeks old can be seen by clicking here
Puppies at 7 weeks old can be seen by clicking here
Pups now 3 1/2 weeks old moved out of whelping box into the big box
big box
Below are some photos of the puppies at 1 Week old

Agnes Gru

Dumo The Sumo

Felonius Gru

Dr Nefario

Scarlett Overkill

Vector Perkins






We are based just outside Boston and started in Weimaraners in 1989. We are not currently breeding Weimaraners. In 2001 we got our first Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen Irish and US Champion Afterglow Errol Flynn from Mike Gadsby and Gavin Robertson and have since gone into partnership with Mike to breed Afterglow PBGVs. All our puppies are raised in the home and go through a socialisation program To date we have bred dogs that have gone on to be champions in Ireland, America, Greece, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Croatia and New Zealand as well as in the UK. We have been awarded Top Breeder and Top Show Dog awards in the UK and in Ireland We work for rescue in both Weimaraners and PBGV's andare members of The BGV Club and The BGV Pet Suppporters Club. All our dogs and bitches used for breeding are DNA Eye Tested Clear or Carrier


PBGV Puppies or older PBGV's
Sometimes available to loving homes.

Contact us by email or by telephone any evening if you wish to come and meet us or wish to be included for a future puppy.

Although we are no longer going to be breeding Weimaraners ourselves we can always put you in touch with reputable breeders who have puppies available now or in the near future.

For an insight into our breeds visit our
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Lynne & Fred Ellingford, Boston, Lincolnshire, England,

Tel ++44 (0)7506 792136

e-mail fred@pbgv.co.uk

Mike Gadsby & Jason Lynn
Afterglow Kennels

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pbgv  head shot

Commonly known as The PBGV or “Happy Hound”. They are classed as small dogs and are part of the Hound family. They are small, low to the ground scent hounds originally bred to hunt small game such as rabbit and hare and more recently as companion dogs.

The average lifespan is 9 – 15 years; they are quite hardy little dogs relatively free from hereditary and congenital problems however epilepsy is occurring in the breed and the Bassett Griffon Vendeen Club has an eye testing programme as there are occurances of Glaucoma. The PBGV is a strong deep chested dog and is approximately 50% longer than they are tall. Their coat is harsh on top whereas the undercoat is thick; this coat is weather resistant. The coat length is medium to long and requires a good weekly grooming. The shedding of hair is minimal compared to other breeds. The occasional assistance of a professional groomer will help to maintain the coat. A number of people who suffer mild allergic reactions to dog fur seem to have less of a problem with the Petit Basset coat. The Petit Basset is well known for the characteristic hair over the eyebrows, their beard and moustache and for being a quite vocal dog. The average height of both male and female is between 13’’ – 15’’.

The Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen is not naturally obedient; they are energetic, stubborn and independent and need to be taught who is the master in the household. Continued socialisation and consistent training is required especially during their teenage stage. PBGVs need to have a secure garden as they can tend to become deaf and dumb once they get on a scent. They do need a fair amount of exercise and lots of opportunities to explore outside. Even if they have already explored their garden area they are always ready to re explore searching for new scents. The Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen is a dog full of life , affection and energy and is ideally suited to an active home. They enjoy the company of other dogs and children and generally enjoy travel. They are welcoming of strangers and very willing to please. The PBGV love to sniff , trail and dig!

The Petit Basset Griffon Vandeen comes in a range of colours :- white with any combination of lemon, orange, tri colours or grizzle markings.


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